Welcome To The Operator Dashboard!

Operator.knowork.co: A quick insight into your members' activity on Knowork and an overview of your operator panel home page.

Screenshot of the operator panel home page: operator.knowork.co.
Screenshot of the operator panel home page: operator.knowork.co.

Community Engagement Overview

The operator dashboard gives you a quick look at how many members you have and their usage of Knowork. The dashboard breaks down into 4 quick insights:
  1. Members - the total number of users you have invited to Knowork.
  1. Active Members - the total number of members that have activated their accounts.
  1. Engagement - a combination of the total number of comments, posts, likes, and new chat conversations.
  1. Events - the number of upcoming events.

Activities List

The activities list gives you an overview of all outbound messages sent by Knowork on your behalf to your members. It's a great way to keep a bird's-eye view of everything that is happening in your community. Use this list to check things like:
  • Who has been active in the community today?
  • Did I send that invoice to that member?
  • Did this member activate their membership plan yet?

If you have questions, please get in touch with our team at help@knowork.co. Or click the question mark icon at the bottom right and fill out a ticket.