Set a company's admin

Setting or changing the company's admin.

What is a company admin?

A company admin is a member of the company. This member is also the main source of contact with the company. When company plans are bought, the invoices are sent to company admins.

Setting the company's admin:

  • A company's admin can be set when inviting a new member. You can find more information about inviting new members here.
  • If a company has multiple members, you can change the company's admin by following these steps:
      1. Login to
      1. Click on the CRM dropdown on the left sidebar. Then click on the Companies tab to go to
      1. Select the needed company. To locate the needed company faster, use the search bar above the list.
      1. Click Account on the right sidebar. Then click the grey pencil icon at the top right of the card to edit it.
      1. Locate Company Admin and select the member you want to be the admin from the dropdown.
      1. After selecting the member, click Save.

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