Refundable deposits

An introduction to refundable deposits in Knowork.

Refundable deposits:

Refundable deposits in Knowork are similar to security deposits. If there are no damages to your spaces, you can refund this deposit to your member when their plan expires.

How to make a refundable deposit?

Refundable deposits are added during the membership plan creation. You will find more information about creating plans here.

What is the difference between a refundable deposit and a one-time sign-up fee?

A one-time sign-up fee is charged once in the duration of a plan. Unlike the deposit, a sign-up fee is not refundable.

When are refunds made?

Usually, refunds are made after an evaluation is complete at the end of a plan. If there are no damages to your space, you can refund the deposit to your member. But you can also refund the deposit earlier.

How to make a refund?

You can find more information on how to make a refund here.

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