Mobile apps

Introduction to Knowork's mobile apps.

Knowork mobile apps are a great way for your members to log in to their community accounts on the go. In the app, they can see what's new in your coworking space, book spaces, join events, send service requests, edit their profiles, and so much more.

Mobile apps:

  • Free Knowork app: after installing the Knowork app, the member will first need to enter the name of the coworking space they are part of. The free app isn't customizable.
  • Premium white-label app: for €99/month, our team creates a separate app just for your coworking space. The production time for the app is about 1-2 weeks. To request a white-label app, please click here. After installing the app, the member can log in to your coworking space with no extra steps.

Customizing your mobile app:

  1. Knowork has features that can be turned on/off for the mobile app. Here is the list of Knowork features:
      • Home: displays an overview of everything.
      • Feed: a page to display user posts.
      • Community Directory: displays all users and companies.
      • Events: displays community events.
      • Spaces: displays bookable spaces.
      • Plans: displays purchasable membership plans.
      • Perks: displays membership perks.
      • Profile: displays member's details.
      • Member: displays member's profile picture.
      • Company: displays member's company details.
      • Referral Links: displays a link to share.
      • Courses: displays the coworking space's courses for purchase.
      • Service Requests: displays all service requests sent by the user.
      • Invoices: displays paid and open invoices.
      • Settings: displays modules such as profile, company, plans, invoices, notifications - whichever modules are turned on.
  1. Change the color.
  1. Reorganize the modules.
Please note that to customize your app, you will need to contact our team at

If you have questions, please get in touch with our team at Or click the question mark icon at the bottom right and fill out a ticket.