Making service requests

How to notify about needed service.

Service requests help look after coworking spaces. If you, as a member, see anything not working or a mess, you can send them a service request with details of the problem.

Adding a service request:

  1. Login to your community page at <Coworking>
  1. Click the Service tab in the header navigation bar.
  1. Click New Service Request.
  1. Click Snap a picture of the issue to upload a picture.
  1. Select and upload the picture/pictures.
  1. Fill out the Title field.
  1. Fill out the Description field.
  1. Select Location from the dropdown menu.
  1. Select Space from the dropdown menu.
  1. Click Create Case at the bottom.
To check for updates on the cases, head back to the Service page.

If you have questions, please get in touch with our team at Or click the question mark icon at the bottom right and fill out a ticket.