Making a prepaid plan

Making a membership plan that needs to be prepaid for its duration.

With Knowork, you can ask your members to pay for their entire plan duration in one payment. Please note that this plan invitation must have a specific end date to be prepaid.

How to make a prepaid plan:

A prepaid plan is made during a plan invitation process. For a plan to become prepaid, you need to check the Prepay full contract length box. You can find more information on how to invite a member to plan here.
Following these steps, your member will now receive an invoice for the entire length of their membership plan. Once paid and activated, the plan functions just like other plans. The only exception is that it does not generate new invoices for every billing cycle. The prepaid plan will stay active until the plan end date is reached. Prepaid plans will not automatically renew.
Don't forget to double-check the payment calculation at the bottom of the right sidebar.

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