Inviting a member to a plan

Step-by-step instructions on how you can invite a member to a membership plan.

Before you start:

  • Make sure that you have at least one plan created. To learn more about plans, please click here.
  • Make sure that you have filled in the relevant billing information. To learn more, please click here.

How to invite members to a new plan:

  1. Log into
  1. Click on the CRM dropdown on the left sidebar. Then click on the Members tab to go to
  1. Select the member you want to invite to a plan.
  1. Click on Plans on the right sidebar.
  1. Click on Invite to plan or Add Plan if the selected member had already bought other plans previously.

Setting up your plan invitation:

  1. Choose the plan to which you want to invite the member.
  1. Select the duration of the membership plan by selecting the Start Date. This will automatically calculate the end date of the membership based on the plan settings. Selecting No End Date will renew the plan each month until it is canceled.
      • If Plan Billing Type is set to Bill to end of the month: Knowork automatically calculates the price of the plan based on the plan base price and the start and end dates. While we always suggest using simple dates like the 1st of the month, Knowork will automatically calculate partial month payments by dividing the plan price by the number of days left in the period.
      • If Plan Billing Type is set to Bill based on plan settings: Knowork automatically calculates the end date based on the plan's settings. The plan renews the next month on the same day as the starting date. To learn more about payment settings, please click here.
  1. Customize the one-time sign-up fee. (Optional; Ex. for keys or security.)
  1. Customize the refundable deposit. (Optional)
  1. Customize the Discount percentage applied to the first payment. (Optional)
  1. Pay every month or all at once? For the membership duration to be paid in a single payment, click Prepay full contract length. (Optional)
  1. Click Invite to Plan at the bottom right.
  1. Edit or add the fields in the Invoice Details pop-up window. (Optional)
  1. Select Send Invitation by email at the bottom of the pop-up window.
  1. Click Done.
Advanced: By unchecking Send Invitation by email, an email invitation is not sent to the member. The plan invitation remains inactive and can be sent at a later time. The first invoice for that plan will still be generated and will have a status of concept.

What happens after I invite a member to a plan?

  • After clicking Done, the selected member receives an email with a link to activate and pay for their membership. To view the email template, please click here.
  • Via the sent link, members are directed to a checkout page, where they add or review their billing details and then pay for the plan.
  • A Concept Invoice (automatically generated for each plan invitation) is re-generated to include the member's updated billing information. The status of the invoice is changed to paid automatically.
  • After paying for the plan, the member receives an email notification letting them know that their payment was successful.

If you have questions, please get in touch with our team at Or click the question mark icon at the bottom right and fill out a ticket.