Edit member's information

Finding and editing member's data.

You can use Knowork to collect a variety of data points about your members. Some properties are automatically filled through specific Knowork modules, and others are best filled in manually.

Where to find the member's information:

  1. Login to operator.knowork.co.
  1. Click on the CRM dropdown on the left sidebar. Then click on the Members tab to go to operator.knowork.co/members.
  1. Locate and click on the member you want to change the details of.
  1. Click Account on the right sidebar.
  1. Click the grey pencil icon at the top right.

Below is a list of selected member's properties that you can edit and the implications.

  1. Name - the name of the member, shown in all places, including the community and invoices.
  1. Email Address - the default email address for all communications with the member.
  1. Position - the current position displayed on a member's profile.
  1. Phone number - the default phone number for the member.
  1. City - the current city of the member.
  1. Company - select an existing Company and assign the member. If you want to create a new Company, you will find the how-to here.
  1. Location (coworking space) - select the coworking location you want the member to be assigned to.
  1. VAT Number (btw. VAT. USt) - the tax number associated with the company of a member.
  1. Company Registration Number (KVK. CRN) - the commercial registration number of the company associated with the member.
  1. Billing Street Address - as seen on invoices.
  1. Billing City - as seen on invoices.
  1. Billing Zip Code - as seen on invoices.
  1. Billing State - as seen on invoices.
  1. Billing Country - as seen on invoices.
  1. Description (Bio) - displayed on the member's community profile.
  1. Needs (What does this person need from the community?) - displayed on the member's community profile.
  1. User Type - this will change the permissions that this member has. To learn more about the user types and permissions, please click here.

If you have questions, please get in touch with our team at help@knowork.co. Or click the question mark icon at the bottom right and fill out a ticket.