Creating a referral

Creating referrals for your members.

Referrals are a great way to promote your membership plans. They can be global or accessible only by specific members. Whenever a referral is sent and used by another member, both sender and receiver get a reward to their wallets before taxes. (No VAT included) To learn more about wallets, please click here.

Creating a referral:

  1. Login to
  1. Click the Plans tab on the left sidebar. Then click Referrals to go to
  1. Click Create at the top right.
  1. Enter the referral's Title.
  1. Enter the Sender and Receiver Amount. (The entered amount will go to a wallet before taxes, no VAT included)
  1. Toggle Apply to all plans or select the plans you want to apply the referral to.
  1. Select members by using the search bar.
  1. Click Create Referral.
Protip: To make the referral global, keep Apply to all plans toggled, and don't select any members.

If you have questions, please get in touch with our team at Or click the question mark icon at the bottom right and fill out a ticket.