Creating a new company

How and when are new companies created.

Creating a company in Knowork:

  • Membership Plan Registration - A member can create a company during registration to your space. To start the registration process, the member will first have to pick a membership plan. Here's how:
      1. Click Plans in the header navigation bar.
      1. Select a plan and click Become a member.
      1. Enter the needed information in the fields. Then click Create Account.
      1. You'll be redirected to a checkout page. Fill out the needed information and click Pay for this plan.
  • Member Invitation - A company can be created when inviting a new member. A member then can add more details about the company during the verification process or change them later on. You'll find more information about inviting a new member here.
  • Manual Creation - You can also create a new company directly from the operator panel:
Protip: It's often best to invite the company's admin first when onboarding a new company into your space. Also, during the manual creation of a company, the operator is automatically assigned as the company's admin. To learn how to assign a new company admin, please click here.

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