Company-wide billing email address

Send company plan invoices to a special email address for a company.

Companies often use a special email address for billing, such as To allow this, you can add a special billing email address to any company. By doing that, it will route all company-level membership invoices directly to that address.

Here’s how to add a special billing email address:

  1. Login to
  1. Click on the CRM dropdown on the left sidebar. Then click on the Companies tab to go to
  1. Locate the company you want to change and select it. To locate the wanted company faster, use the search bar above the list.
  1. Select Account from the right sidebar.
  1. Edit the account using the pencil icon that is found at the top right of the right sidebar.
  1. Change the Company Billing Address field.
  1. Click Save to save the changes.

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