Booking calendar

Introduction to booking calendars.

Booking calendars are used to overview which space is booked, when, and by who. There are two calendars: for daily bookings and hourly bookings.

Where to find booking calendars:

  1. Login to
  1. Click the Space tab on the left sidebar. Then click Booking Calendars to go to

Here you can:

  • Have an overview of hourly and daily bookings. (Space's capacity, who booked the space and for how long)
  • See specific location bookings by selecting the location at the top left.
  • See specific date's bookings by selecting the date at the top. You can also click the arrows at the top right to see the next day's overview.
  • Go back to today's bookings by clicking Today at the top right.
  • Add new bookings:
    • Daily: by clicking Select on the right of the row.
    • Hourly: by clicking and dragging on the hourly bookings overview table.
  • Add new spaces by selecting a location first and then clicking Add Space at the top right.

If you have questions, please get in touch with our team at Or click the question mark icon at the bottom right and fill out a ticket.