Access passes and booking credits

Everything you need to know about access passes, access allowance consumption, and how they are related to membership plans.

Space Access defines how many booking credits any membership plan provides to your desks or meeting rooms. Space access is a property of each membership plan and can only be edited through the plan itself. You can create multiple access passes for a plan.

Access Passes can be a:

  1. Hourly Pass: Hourly credits for any desk or meeting room.
  1. Daily Pass: Full day of access to a location or specific space. Consumed when members are Checked-in through their account or by your team.

When creating an access pass, you can select the:

  1. Locations it applies to. (If you have more than one location)
  1. Spaces within a location it applies to. (For example, 1 specific meeting room or desk)
  1. Access/Credit - the number of hours or days that this pass provides per month.

Access Pass Consumption:

When an active member with booking credits makes a booking or checks in via the community page (<YourName>, the used amount of credits is deducted from the booking price. Knowork supports both full credit-based bookings and bookings partially paid for by credits.

What happens after access passes are consumed?

Once a member has used up all the access credits they had included in their plan, they can still make paid bookings via the spaces page on your community portal.

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